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66% of Australians support holding a people's vote or plebiscite on the issue of same-sex marriage (Essential Research).

Yet Bill Shorten has promised to ignore this and legislate same-sex marriage within 100 days if he is elected Prime Minister.

That means Australia could have same-sex marriage by 10 October 2016 and the Australian people would be robbed of their right to have a say on this most basic and fundamental issue.

Marriage is a bedrock institution of our society.

Since 2004 there have now been 18 attempts to redefine marriage.

If the politicians can't agree, then it's time to let the Australian people settle this matter once and for all in the privacy of the voting booth.

If Bill Shorten is so sure that a majority of Australians want same-sex marriage, then he has nothing to fear from the people.

Mr Shorten has also said he will make sure schools teach our children that their gender is fluid through the so-called Safe Schools program.

He has explicitly said there will be no protections for religious freedom for lay people who disagree with same-sex marriage.

Sign the petition today and ask your friends to join the movement to protect our say on marriage.

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Bill Shorten,

Marriage is a bedrock institution of our society.  It is too important an issue to leave to politicians.

66% of Australians support holding a people's vote on marriage and I am one of them.

Don't rob me of my right to vote for our society's future.

Bill Shorten, please support the plebiscite.  Please lead Labor back to the political centre.

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